KEMP Virtual LoadMaster VLM-2000 Load Balancer

(EOL) End of Life: The KEMP Virtual LoadMaster VLM-2000 goes even further, delivering 2Gbps of processing throughput and specially optimized software able to accomplish Layer 7 content switching, software-based traffic acceleration and IPS.

Available for VMware, Hyper-V, Xen, KVM and Oracle VirtualBox hypervisors.

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VLM-2000 – KEMP Virtual LoadMaster VLM-2000 – Load Balancer – (EOL) End of Life

The KEMP Virtual LoadMaster VLM-2000 has replaced the VLM-1000 LoadMaster (end of Life). The VLM-2000 doubles the available capacity and performance for growing environments compared to the VLM-1000.
The KEMP VLM 2000 provides 2 Gbps of processing throughput. The VLM 2000 delivers Layer 7 content switching, traffic acceleration and includes a Intruder Prevention Service feature as standard.
The KEMP VLM 2000 is a virtual Load balancer, Available for VMware, Hyper-V, Xen, KVM and Oracle VirtualBox.
The VLM 2000 is packed full of features. It also comes with a choice of three support options. The product recommended for medium to enterprise sized application deployments.

Key Summary Features:

  • Max 2000 Mbps Throughput.
  • SSL Transactions Per Second (TPS):1000.
  • Supports Up to 1000 Virtual IPs (VIP) and 1000 Real IPs.
  • Systech promise included when purchasing KEMP LoadMasters online.

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Server Load Balancing (SLB) for TCP/UDP based protocols
TLS (SSL) Offload
Layer 7 Content Switching
Transparent caching for HTTP/HTTPS
Compression of static and dynamic HTTP/HTTPS content
Up to 1000 Virtual and 1000 Real Servers
NAT-based forwarding
Support for Direct Server Return (DSR) configurations
Configurable S-NAT support
VLAN Trunking (802.1Q) Link interface bonding (802.3ad)
IPv6 support for addressing and features
IPv6 – IPv4 bidirectional conversion
High Availability (Active/Standby)

Health Checking

Aggregated health checks
ICMP health checking
Layer 7 checking against any target server port
Active/Hot Standby configurations for High Availability
Stateful Failover
Scale-out Clustering
Aggregated health checks

Session Persistence

Source IP (L4)
TLS (SSL) SessionID (L4)
HTTP/HTTPS Browser-session (L7)
HTTP/HTTPS WebClient-session (L7)
RDP Login ID (L7)
Port Following for mixed HTTP/HTTPS sessions
Session reconnection for Microsoft RDS

Scheduling and Balancing Methods

SDN Adaptive
Round Robin
Weighted Round Robin
Least Connection
Weighted Least Connection
Agent-based Adaptive
Chained Failover (Fixed Weighting)
Source-IP Hash
Layer 7 Content Switching
Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB)
 AD Group based traffic steering

SSL/TLS Features

Configurable TLS (1.0, 1.1, 1.2) and SSL (2.0, 3.0)
Support for EV (Extended Validation) certificates
OCSP certificate validation
Server Name Identification (SNI) support
Support for up to 1,000 TLS (SSL) certificates
Automated TLS (SSL) certificate chaining
Certificate Signing Request (CSR) generation
STARTTLS mail protocols (POP3, SMTP, IMAP)
Certified FIPS 140-2 Level 1 encryption module
FIPS 140-2 Level 2 Hardware Security Module option on LM-8xxx models


Change auditing
Web User Interface (WUI)
SSH & physical console
RESTful and PowerShell APIs
VMware vRealize Orchestrator
Context based help (WUI)
Real time display of performance and availability
Application templates
Remote syslogd support
Automated configuration backup
Selective restore of configuration
Connection draining
Comprehensive logging and reporting
SNMP support
Diagnostic shell with in-line tcpdump


Permit /Deny Access Control Lists
IP address filtering
IPsec Tunnel support
DDoS mitigation, including L7 rate based attacks
IPSec VPN to Azure, AWS and vCloud Air public clouds
Authenticated NTP

Features enabled by Subscription

LoadMaster subscriptions enable additional features and services.

Edge Security Pack (ESP) Features

Microsoft TMG replacement
Multi-Domain authentication & SSO
X.509 client certificate authentication
Custom login forms
Two factor authentication
SAML, Active Directory, RADIUS & LDAP
Forms to Forms based authentication

Intrusion Prevention

Snort Compatible IPS
Permit/Deny IP by address
Automated IP reputation updates for GSLB

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Real-time application threat mitigation
Daily rule updates
Threats Mitigated
Cookie tampering
Cross site request forgery
Cross site scripting
Data loss prevention
SQL Injection
PCI-DSS Section 6.6 compliance

Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB)

Scheduling and Balancing

Round Robin
Weighted Round Robin
Chained Failover (Fixed Weighting)
Real Server Load
Location Based

Black List (Access Control List)
IP reputation filtering with automatic updates
DDoS mitigation
Health Checking & Failover

ICMP health checking of server farm machines
Layer 4 TCP checking
Automatic reconfiguration for defective real server
Active/Active High Availability


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