Altaro Office 365 backup per Mailbox

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Altaro Office 365 backup per Mailbox – Subscription – Price per Mailbox per Month

Altaro Office 365 Backup – Microsoft does not back up and recover Office 365 emails

Many Office 365 subscribers believe that their data is fully backed up by Microsoft as part of their subscription. However, this is not the case. Microsoft does not backup Office 365 data.

What does Microsoft provide with Office 365

Microsoft is responsible for providing the necessary infrastructure and ensuring that Office 365 works. It’s the customer’s responsibility to protect its Office 365 data from:

  • human error (such as deleted items)
  • malware and hacker attacks
  • malicious user actions
  • and so on.
  • Microsoft doesn’t provide native options to back up Office 365 mailboxes. O365 provides basic archiving, retention and recovery options, but cannot guarantee full and speedy restoration of data loss.

 why you should consider a backup and recovery solution that gives you peace of mind?

  • Microsoft are unable to help with unexpected data loss or damage – Having a reliable backup solution in place ensures you have access to a backed-up copy. This eliminates problems or repercussions that could arise from the missing data. Once mail items are deleted or changed in O365, they cannot be changed.

For example:

  • A system administrator who is rushed or is distracted by an emergency might unintentionally delete an Office 365 mailbox user.
  • A user might accidentally or purposely delete an email.
  • A virus infection or ransomware attack could impact and damage an organisation’s mailboxes.
  • Problems with accessing and searching email data – By backing up all a company’s mailboxes into one location. This allows data to be protected and stored centrally. This also provides easy access, searching and recovery.
  • Ability to provide customers with mail backup services – Without a solution like Altaro Office 365 Backup. There is no easy way to back up emails for customers running Office 365. Or to recover and lost or damaged mailboxes or emails.

Have a read a review on Altaro’s VM Backup V8 including a piece on Office 365 Backup.

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